Who you are

Everyone has two parts to them.

The part that everyone knows

and the other no one sees.

Everyone hides a part of them.

They hide it for many reasons.

The reasons maybe

it's not cool enough,

it doesn't fit in,

or no one likes it.

But no one should let that bother them.

The part you hide is a part of you,

it makes you, you.

So never hide that part of you,

because without it you won't ever truly be you.

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poetvg's picture

good work

Caster Banks's picture

I know exactly what you mena in this poem Jeff. I too, like most off us, have a side that I show the world, and then a darker side that is expressed through my poetry and that only one person knows about. I hope that you will continue to read my poetry, as will I with yours,...take care friend. Cas

Calypso Hardy's picture

this poeems like me happy on the outside but crying on the in