The reasons I love Char

Long lost

Her kiss gives me a rush
The way she smiles
The way she listens
How she feels laying next to me
Because Chanttruss loves her
How she acts when she is happy
She is always ready for a road trip
How I feel when she is With me or in the room
How I'm always wrong...
How she is silly when drinking or on buzzed

How she looks beautiful all the time
How she has a cute ass
How perfect her breast are to me
How she can take charge when she wants
That she inspires me
How she pays attention to me
The way she talks
The way she looks at me sometimes
The way we can sit quietly in same room and not talk but say volumes to each other

How she smells
That way she taste
The way she feels
How soft she is
The way she kisses
The way she moves her butt when cleaning
How meticulous she is
How child like she is when she gets a gift
How her eyes twinkle when she's happy
How I feel when she tells me she loves me.

Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 11/05/2019

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