Gods command

Long lost

You truly were, made for me
Then God opened my eyes, for me to see.
He told me to love you, as I love him.
Thats when my life, really started to begin.
When I seen you, life became so clear
Suddenly I felt, I had nothing to fear!
I seen in you, the life I desired
Looking at you, I was so inspired.
I felt love, like never before
I realized then, what I was born for.
I was born, to love only you
That is what God, said to do!
So I do it, with body and soul,
Until I hear, the last bell toll.
I do it with joy, and all I am,
I love you, every way I can!
God said, "Love each other, as you love me!"
And that's what I'll do, through eternity.
I'll follow Gods command, every day I swear!
And never once, will you doubt I care
I'm so glad you came into my life...
I look forward to the day, you'll become my wife.
By, PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY 

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