Gods Gift

Long lost

I was thinking about you, and had the nicest thought
God spoke to me, and what he said, was you need something I have got.
I ask "what is it?" And he smiled before he replied...
Then again he answered, it's something you need inside..
I stood there for a moment, not sure what I need in there, was it a fancy table, or maybe just a beautiful chair..

Again he smiled and then he laughed, then he said to me
"No my son, you dont understand, it's not something that you can see!"
,"It's something far more valuable, then a table or even a sitting chair, and it's not inside a house, it's something kept in there."
As he said it he pointed his finger, right at my chest,
Then I felt a warm feeling, a warmth that felt the best.
Then he said, "my gift to you is a gift from up above... "
"The gift that I give to you, is Charlotte's endearing love!"
Then I realized at that moment, the warmth That I felt within, was your love that made me feel, as if he forgave my sins. I knew that in my past, I had done some wrongs, and I felt Because of it, I'd be damned all of my life long.
Now I see I was wrong, and even I could be redeemed.
With your love inside of me, my life was better then I could dream.
Suddenly the thought I had, I realized, was a day dream, but I knew God's gift was real, because your love is not a dream!!!

By: PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY 

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