Please don't leave me

Long lost

Please dont leave me, for what would I do?
If I had to live a life, that didnt include you!
I know we have had problems, but those don't matter now,
Without you in this world, living in it I wont know how!
Now your in the hospital, and I am worried bad
I was told that you had died, and I cried as I was sad.
You are still my bestest friend, tho I may not be to you...
But you told me long ago we'd always be friends, us two!
So... please get well my dearest friend, get well for me please
I write this as my prayer to God, to help you heal with ease!
I know you are strong, and stubborn too
It's another thing I always liked about you.
So again get better, so I can see you again
You still are the one. I call my best friend

PAUL  A. POSNEY  08/28/2019
FOR : Char

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because Char was sick and had died but was brought back (Thank God!!!)

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