Listen to your heart

Long lost

What is it your afraid of, about loving me
I know you do, so tell me, why cant you see?
If you dont love me, why are we so miserable alone
And why if you didnt, would you keep coming home.
If... you decided, that you could love me,
No one would be happier, then both, you and me.
I would write you a poem, every single day
Telling, how much I love you, in every possible way.
Your happiness would truly be, my one and only desire
And just so you know, my love would never expire.
I never would disrespect you, Or call you any bad names,
And never would I ever, play on you mind games.
I wish you could know, how I truly feel...
I wish I could show you, my love for you is real.
I dont want you because, I could show you off
Tho you are so beautiful, other women are scoffed.
I dont want you for the sex, even tho I.know it's great.
I want you because, to me you are, my perfect mate!
You make me so happy, and about your kiss...
Everytime It gives me a rush, and that feeling of bliss.
Why do I love you? It's hard for me to say...
But this I know, I always will in every possible way.
I feel like we were always, meant to be together
As best friends and lovers, forever and for ever.
If you could love me, with all of your heart,
I know you'd be happy, right from the start..
So tell me sweet woman, what is it you fear?
Why dont you listen to your heart, instead of ignoring it .
PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY 

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