I Know

Long lost

I know that you love me, yet you hold that love back
What are you afraid of, is there something that I lack?
When we get to close, you run to some other guy
What is it about me, that you wont even try?
Am I not good enough, do I make you feel shame
Are you embarrassed, to say even my name.
When people ask you, are you with him
Do you deny that you are, before the laughter begins?
Am I just someone, you can play and abuse
Tell me, is it fun, when my love you just use?
Do you take me for granted, and give me nothing back
Except for the pain, which you dont seem to lack
I see you with other men, you're devoted and true
And most of them are assholes, and it's you that they use.
The more that they hurt you, or treat you like shit
The more you submit to them, and seem to like it.
I offer love, with your happiness in mind
But you run away, like I'm the last man you want to find.
I wont take you for granted, I'll cherish you every day
I'll show you love, each hour of everyday.
Why does that scare you ? Love is nothing to fear
You deserve to be loved, isnt that clear?
You know you love me, but you refuse to give in
Do you really want me to leave, and never see me again?
If that's what you want, then that's what I'll do
I love you that much, I'll let go of you!
But if you want me to stay, you must decide
To accept that you love me, and be at my side.
If you cant do that, then I wont stay...
I will just be a memory, that you will regret one day...
Look deep in your heart, what do you find?
A love that you look for, or a love that's unkind.
If you were to love me, and show that you do
There isnt anything, that I'd do for you!
I would defend your honor, no way would I hide
I'd face the whole world, if you were at my side

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney - 02/15/2020

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