Long lost

Time waits for no one, so I guess it's time
Time to accept that, you never will be mine.
Try as I might, I cant get you to see
No one will love you, as completely as me.
There was a time, I thought we had a chance
But for some reason, you wouldnt let our love advance.
You just wouldnt give me, what you gave to other men.
The faith and commitment, and willingness, for a relationship to begin.
When we'd start to get close, you'd run away...
And I would have faith, that one day you'd stay.
My faith has now weakened, it's all but lost
As I look back and feel the pain, I ask... is it to high a cost?
So with regret in my heart, along with my love you refuse
It's time I give up, and my faith I must lose.
We could have been great, if you'd only have tried
Why you just couldnt, I'll always wonder why.
What was it about me, what was it about us
That you couldnt even try, or you couldnt trust?
Time waits for no one, and its time I stop waiting for you
Tho, you,  I'll always love, sadly, you couldnt love me back too !!!

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney - 02/30/2020

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