Just a Love Poem

Long lost

If you knew how much I loved you, you would be amazed.
And when I see your beautiful face, I'm lost in a longing gaze.
You see my dear you are the one, I've loved since time began,

And each time that  I'm born again, I still hold that love, which I'm sure was Gods plan.
I dont just simply love you, Its so much more then that.
I truely am  "in love" with you, and I have accepted it's a fact.
No one makes me feel the way, that you do every day...
And if I had to make a chioce, I'd want it no other way.
You are the dream I've always dreamed, when I'm awake and when I sleep.
I've never known no other love, that makes me feel so complete.
I wish you could feel the love for me like I feel for you.
But if you truly opened your heart, maybe you would too.
You would feel excited, each time you heard from me.
And, when I came to your mind, you'd feel as happy as can be.

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney 07/02/2020

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