I'm Learning

I'm learning to not give a shit

I'm learning how, to  get over it.

I'm learning how not to feel

I'm learning how to pretend its not real.

I've been watching you, you're the perfect example

The lessones you teach are more them ample.

I'll stay busy so I can ignore

any feelings I have, that can make my heart sore

I'm getting to the point, where I dont care

it doesnt bother me as much when your not there

I'm learning to be heartless and cold

I dont care if your not here to hold

I'm learning well, to miss you less

I'm learning how to avoid loves mess

I hope you dont mind, that I'm becoming a dick

If you do... then deal with it!

You finely taught me, how not to care

I finely learned, that loves not fair.

With each new day, I love even less.

I finely understand, how it is best.

To feel nothing, even for you

makes me stronger, so its what I will do

Pretty soon, one day, you will see

I'll be gone, and you'll have lost me!!!


Paul (ChryWizard) Posney 12/14/2016

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