Just a poem of love

Love & Romance

If you knew how much I loved you, you would be amazed.
And when I see your beautiful face, I'm lost in a longing gaze.
You see my dear you are the one, I've loved all along
You are the music in my heart, that completes my song.
 since time began, and each time that  I'm born again
I'm still in love with you, which I'm sure was Gods plan.
I dont just simply love you, Its so much more then that.
I truely am  "in love" with you, and I have accepted it's as fact.
No one makes me feel the way, that you do every day...
And if I had to make a chioce, I'd want it no other way.
You are the dream I've always dreamed, when I'm awake and when I sleep.
I've never known no other love, that makes me feel so complete.
 I wish you could feel the love for me like I feel for you.
But if you truly opened your heart, maybe you would too.
You would feel excited, each time you heard from me. And everytime you thought of me, you'd feel as happy as can be.
Even if you don't love me, I wont regret a day
Since you came into my life, my life is better in every way.

Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 07/10/2020

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