Dead Friend

Long lost

I lost a friend of mine today,
she didnt care, when I walked away...
She chose to pretend, that I was dead...
She chose to obey, what another man said.
It's really to bad, that this occurred
I've been the only one, who's been there for her!
No matter what, I always had her back...
But, she threw me away, like trash in a sack.
The man she picked, is both mean and weak.
He abuse's women, in his actions and his speach!
But when it comes to men, he runs away, fast as he can!
He's such a bitch, he's not a real true man
But she made her choice, and that is really sad
It seems to me lately, all her choices have been  bad
I wont be there, in her time of need
No matter how hard she begs... or how hard she pleads!
So to this friend, I must say goodbye...
I want her to know... I really did try.
But it takes two, to be close friends...
But she didnt try hard enough, so now we're at the end.
Maybe one day, she'll look back with some regret
But the damage that's been done, cant be fixed yet.
One day she will see, just what it cost...
And it wasn't worth, all that she lost...
Will she eat crow. And admit she was wrong
Or will it be to late, because she took to long.
As for me I say, I've had enough...
I have let her go, though it is a bit ruff.
My life should be better, without her games,
And I know my life, is also not the same!
I have moved on, putting her in my past
And I regret, our friendship didnt last.
I hope she is happy, but I'm sure she's not
I'm sure she see's now, the shit that she's got!
It's her life, and, she's made her bed...
To her I am someone, she knew and now is dead!

 © PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY  08/15/2019


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