Good Memories

Your such a sweetheart, I wish you were mine...
Then I could show you the love, you deserve all of the time.
But it is said, love is never a two way street...
Sometimes, someone loses,  when two hearts happen to meet!
It seems that's my story, in my life, that's all I have known...
I cant seem to find the love, to help make a happy home.
However, I have been very lucky, to at least love someone like you,
And for that I am thankful, regardless, if you didnt love me too!
I have some great memories, of the times we have shared... tho tou may not have loved me, I know that you cared!
This poem is my way, to thank you for that... and if I could do it over, I wouldnt change one single fact!
As you live your life, and if you think of me...
I hope with all of my love, it's always good memories you'll see!

©PAUL (ChryWizard) Posney 03/30/2020

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