living without fear

Look what's been done. It's happened again
How can you think; he loves you when,
This isn't the first time, now he's hit you once more.
One of these times, he'll have you dead on the floor.
What of the kids? That you want or have
Do you want them seeing; that your life is this bad?
When will you stop this, take back control
Dont keep letting this happen, until it destroys your soul
You deserve something more, then this kind of love
It's not what God wants when he looks down from above
Just say enough and walk out the door
There's places that'll help, dont stay and take more.
Women are the second most precious gifts entrusted to man
No man has the right to harm her; by vile words or his hand
I know it is scary not sure where you can go
I promise there are others like you who've been there and know
There's friends or a shelter that will come to your aid
You'll see that Im right, no need to be afraid.
Reach out for help, dont let fear keep you at bay
It's time to start living not being scared everyday!

By: Paul Posney

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