There are no signs. This is not fine.
Hour after hour. I lost track of time.
This not a good trip of mine.
Straight. This I really hate.
Where am I?
Nothing I can see with my eye.
It does make me, see want to cry.
I ask why.
It's been that way for hours.
I'm driving in my car. Am I really getting far
This is not a good life. It's hard on my wife.
Nothing to see. Nobody around, nobody to be found.
Nobody see, but me.
What if down I break. I hope this is not a mistake.
Nothing to be seen.
Nothing even green.
It's just flat.
That's that.

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Theprofoundhummingbird's picture

Good stream of thought.

I liked reading this because you told the story of it all with such sincerity. I suggest looking through and seeing where you can make it more exciting, with more descriptive words. I also don't enjoy driving for long periods of time in the dark. It's disconcerting.

- Zachariah