I've got no friends.
Just want this to end.
There's no for me, see, joy.
Wish I had a boy.
There's nothing in my life.
A fact is real that I feel.
I'll never be a wife.
Me, see, nobody wants to date.
My job is 9-5.
I don't feel alive.
I will drive my car into the train.
And end the pain.
Going west. I think that is the best.

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Hello Chris, this was a

Hello Chris, this was a wonderful poem.
I'm worried though of its message. Do you really a suicidal suicidal ideation? Or I hope I am mistaken and just reading deeper in your abstract . Anyway, I've noticed you have over 2,500 poems to date that's even excluding this. You are such a great talent.
I understand your feelings of course. Life must be lonely without someone to love and dedicate your lovely poems. The fact that you're not alone feeling the same is hardly comforting, but whatever you do, please do not end your life. One day, in God's own time, He'll give you someone who may be looking for you too.
We are willing to listen here and you can of course email me too if you want to talk about it.
Or try calling your suicide hotlines in your locality. Can't give you the links I don't exactly know where you live.
Hey, 9-5 job sounds stable and great. No midnight shifts like hospital staffs and all. Me, I work from 8-5 too.
God bless!


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi