I have noticed that every time a big storm is forecast, a lot of people go to the store for food. This leads to increased profits for supermarkets. This is despite the fact that the storm is not going to last long. Thus, there will be plenty of time to get groceries, after the storm. There is no need to get a lot. Also, sometimes the storms are not as bad as predicted. It is possible that weather forcasters make them sound much more serious than they are actually going to be. So, there seems to be a conspiracy between the supermarket industry and the weather forcasting industry.

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As a weather enthusiest, I

As a weather enthusiest, I feel these forcasters need to inform the public about POSSIBLE danger to their area.

As a former resident of "tornado alley", I feel they are correct. MANY times I could have gotten flattened...and I made darn sure I had ample supplies for me and my kids.

You just never know! :)