I arrived at her place Tuesday night at 6.  I put my bag in the back seat.  This was really neat.


     We had a nice dinner.  A real winner.

     We watched Pearl Harbor.  See, we watched TV.

   A phone call let us know her friend was in

    the hospital.  We thought we might need to go.

  But, she just went to sleep.

    Wednesday morning, we got on the road.  We drove down Route 9.  Ruth did fine.  We found the place, and a good parking place.  We spent some time by her bed.

  We went to Bible Study.  It was really neat.  A real treat.

  A nice lunch munch and bunch.  We spent a good time see, with her friend Wendy and her family.


   During the time, we shopped at plenty of sites.  A real delight.  We had a meal at Friendly's.  Good was how we did feel.

   Then, see, I got to attend my first meeting of

  the Longfellow Society.  It is great see to meet others who write poetry just like me.  


  We had plenty of good meals.  Good was how we did feel.

  Breakfast, lunches, and dinners.  They were all winners.

  I want you to know, we watched some good TV shows.  We had a really great time, it was really fine.

   Always a great time with my friend.  I hate it to end.


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thanks glad you had a good time even amid all the chaos..