A fact I could not ignore.

      Today was going to be a day of bore.

      I was sitting at home.

      I was all alone.

      Then, came the ring of the phone.

     A bad day turned good.  Soon, I was on

  the way to her neighborhood.

    I arrived at her place.

   Great to see her smiling face.

      We had a good lunch meal.

    What to do, did we feel?

        We went to Ashland state park.

    Could we get in?  No, as the gates were closed.

    This was not great.

   We went to Hopkinton, to see the start of

     the Boston Marathon, that was fun.

    A blue line on the street.  It was really neat.

     We went to the Marlborough Library.

    To see a display of pictures.

   We also looked all around.

      We watched the movie Titanic.

          It was great.

      The only part I did hate was when

    the movie was over.  

      We had a good dinner.  A real winner.

     We had a good talk.


     A great day.

    This see was now visit number 3.

   I could wait to see her again.

   No need for sorrow as I would see her tomorrow.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

glad you had a good time and liked the movie