I love the song as I go along.
I love the song it does play.. 
Luck, I get to drive an ice cream truck.
I love to see the joy in the girls and boys.
Moms and dads glad too, true.  Families.  Fun for me.
They all line.  Really fine.
I love driving down the neat streets.
The neighborhoods.  Good.
I love driving through the towns and cities.  Pretty.
The towns and cities; driving through.  I love to do.
Parks and playgrounds
are where I can be found.
 Fairs.  Love the excitement in the air.  
  A cup ot maybe
 the goal is
 a bowl.
 A cone puts them in a zone. 
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awesome  I remember the Mr.

awesome  I remember the Mr. Softee trucks rolling thru the neighborhood when I was young.  Good times.