I have a confession,  
I am suffering from depression.
Just want to stay in bed,
covers over my head.
Don't want to go out.
Silent scream and shout.
Dont know what it's about.
Don't want to go outside.
Inside, just want to hide.
All the things, I used to love to do,
true, I can't ignore see, they me bore.
I try for a little while and then stop.  I cry.
I can't sit still.  Not a thrill.
I can't focus.
Author's Notes/Comments: 


  This is for anybody suffering from depression.

  Know that you are not alone.

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The World Shifted

Stable minds are plunging as disasters mount. I have been periodically sad over last two years, mostly regarding starving children, BLM, deaths. usa just recalled all non-essential usa citizens to leave Haiti: social structure about to collapse. Same order for Ethiopia. Gettin' tight, coal shortages, food gone.

Personal depression is a medical condition requiring psychiatrists. Big problem in usa. Social pressures rising, so many disasters and Civid when, as you said, many just want to sleep and not engage. Count blessings - not starving or a refugee without a country. Care is available in usa.

I worked in management for health care centers 6.5 years. Not easily cured but can be managed. Depression is bad but support is out there. That's a plus too. Be better each day. 


Lady A