She would be on
the radio.
It was on a show.
My mom did say.
I was just home from school.
I had watched her doing a video on FL-A.
It was cool.
A nice afternoon.  I hope it dont end soon.
I listen to the sound flow.
It does flow, the sound, all around.
The feelings of happiness and joy
for this boy
do grow.
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She died 04-08-13 age 29.

She died 04-08-13 age 29. Multiple Slerosis. She was a spikes person n for MS. All that potentual list to us early. For us, Mickey Mouse Club rocked.  Don't forget those were Elvis and Chubby Checker years. There's A Moon Out Tonight and Smoke gets In Your Eyes ruled transistor radio carriers. Annette, rest, you brought us joy. ~S~