The Fourth Fable


The Fourth Fable

The Fourth Fable

A Jesus Cowboy Song

Eye am a strong man iff strength is not physical alone,

but charachter and hope, love become my armour

my arm as gates once opened close now new ones open at a glance in poverty of riches poor people there in Heaven sing to Jesus as they wave branches from the richness of the trees beside the waters running in the trenches freely given overflowing when a little lamb just wants a drink of water another drink the water bubbles up so no one has to lift her she can reach the water carefully she drinks and then she sings…'

'my holster is empty my life is complete my love is in Heaven

eye have plenty to eat and to drink '

life is not meant to be a shoot em up rodeo

life is not meant to be a shoot um up movie

my life is in Heaven my holster is empty

eye have LOVE'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired to write for JESUS

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