The Second Fable

The Second Fable

The Second Fable

The BusYness

The Alcoholic boss:

       The man was doing inventory when the lady called his namme.

“Johnny what is wrong with you eye just looked out at the van?

The tire is almost flat again eye just gave you a hundred dollars yesterday to get the tire fixed and eye remember giving you fifty just last week? You must have kept the money are you drinking now again?”

The Alcoholic Worker:

“Tilly you are mistaken the tire is not that low eye checked the gauge myself less than two hours ago.

The receipt for the tireshop is still inside the till Tilly why do not you still believe me tell me Tilly how could eye get a receipt like that unless eye paid the bill?”

The Alcoholic Worker:

To Tilly:“Every now and then they do a poor poor job so eye will take the van back to the tire shop and have them check that tire again.”

To ASIDE: The whiskey that eye bought with that old coots money is still in the center console eye have to drink it now today and she will knoe I'm drunk unless eye leave the van somewhere and say that it got stolen and the bad men beat me up.

Narrator Charlax Android One Seven:

The Johnny worker got in the van and drove to the center of a bridge he leaped from the bridge into the water down below with the whiskey in his hand and left the van in the center of the bridge the tire was now so low it was just flat.

The Alcoholic Worker:

Johnny to hisself: “The Tilly will believe me why should she doubt so much eye have to make this look good a lie is soon found out.”

Narrator Charlax One Seven:

Johnny took a rock of largesse size and hit himself more than three times hard upon his brow his forehead split wide open he looked like a beaten up man.

He finished off the whiskey and walked somewhat surprised that his worthwhile plan had come to a fruition in his addled whiskey mind back to the sewing shoppe.

Listen as the woman talks to him.

                        The Alcoholic Boss:

“Before you say a word to me my alcoholic Johnny there was a Charlax sitting underneath the bridge playing games down in the water he loves a mermaid there and kisses all her hair. He saw you leave the van and leap into the water my friend MISS Tilly Two is bringing back the van for you.”

“Now don't you feel so foolish the job was feeding you now you will look for someone else to tell your lies to rob them of there wealth to feed your alcoholic drive.”

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