You Give Me Wings

love poems

You give me wings, so I can fly

Explore with you the space in the sky,

Our passion, our love that lead us in our flight,

together we're soaring to cherished height.

Without your love, where would I be,

Your wings of love, that carries me,

When days are filled with pain and sorrow,

You give me faith to face tomorrow.

You give me your unselfish care,

the precious love that we might share,

your tender arms when they hold me tight,

within your love I lose my fright.

You give me strength, you give me faith,

your love for me was always straight,

you carried me through heavy days,

encircle me in your warm embrace.

Yes with you I will take this flight,

Soaring high while sharing height,

That's the only place that I want to be,

Knowing that you'll look after me.

© Theresia A. Makatita-Poortman

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Ernest Bevans's picture

This is a beautiful and a very splendid prayer.
I hope it touches the heart of God as it did mine.
Please keep writing and keep the faith.

Melvin Lee II's picture

Surely a wondrous piece of writing that will stay with me, Charisma. ~ I like the quality of optimism here - the way the lines speak of a sureness to uplift one's spirits with wings. Childlike and whimsical too, if i may add.~ Smilesz. Lovely poem, really. Take care.!