Dont Let Me Walk Alone

sad poems

I need you

now more than before

oh how I need you

in my pain and sorrow

why can't you hold me

tight in your embrace

don't you really see

how wet rainy days

these grey without perspective

ray of darkness

pulling me into insanity

oh, how I miss

loving warmth besides me

when I walk alone

on a path so slippery

I know what you expects from me

as ever to be strong for you

but I am a woman with a heart

that's being hurt so deeply

and without comfort from you

is like we lives apart

don't let it be history

that all I need was you

don't wait to long

cause I'm not strong


© Theresia A. Makatita-Poortman

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William M. Sowman's picture

This is an excellent love poem, and it could be made into a song. I will follow your progress in the future. Sincerely Bill Sowman. Keep up the good work!