A great distance lies ahead

And hovers in our mind

While we chomp down cereal

Still too stale for hell


I courage through though

Battling appetites and aperitifs

In the glowing light 

Of better memories that rot teeth


All that is holy 

Is full of holes,

Coiled like snakes

Who laugh mid meal 


It was the avalanche 

In the end,

The one that sealed the deal 

And you still point to it 

As a memory to lean on 


Wish it to the well I reckon

Because my handouts are handless 

Severed in the morning 

Severed in the evening 

Severed at supper time

Too many failures left me grounded 

I stay severed all the time

Disconnected all the time 

Moon light still could save 

I need you to let it shine 


Hats off to you lady,

Don’t forget to spread the lye

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