Horse of Ruin, Lady of Leisure

She brought me station

where I was without center

and called down creation 

when I was completely out of my elment

all the while she spent those late nights

stoking my fire to find embers,

I find it relevant to say

that as fast as she came, she went


I feel we all have time to chase

the dreams that stay chaseless

and in the eyes of disbelief, we move

and take steps that time still finds distasteful, 

I completely collapse from this 

only to shovel myself for tomorrow


I was one way

until I was another,

and she saw me question everything I knew

sitting confident in her own conviction

getting destroyed on Old English, 

That time stays burned on the screen 

as other moments roll vibrant,

reel to reel

ripe blossomed violence

we crush in routine


In the fog of malaise, 

(some call their life)

We ride that horse of ruin

through children's birthday parties

as a constant reminder, unending 

that time's damage is unpleasant 

now blow out the candles, young ghost

and get ready for the present




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This is damn good poetry!

This is damn good poetry!

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That means a lot! 

"Where do you go when nowhere feels like home?"-FBMF

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Although I do not quite

Although I do not quite understand the first line---perhaps I am just misreading it---I think this poem is very beautiful, and the last couple of lines are a real gut-wrencher.  Fantastic!


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Words Man

Yeah I try to find interesting ways to use words that maybe have no business being in the context that is there and it makes the word "Station" seem a little different here. When I think of the word it makes me think of a place of security, or a place to patrol, a place to provide a systems check for the routine maintenance a object needs. Given the context here I was without that in the mental sense of the word and not so much physical. I just tried to find a nonlinear A to B for my thoughts and wanted something different. Thanks for reaching out! 

"Where do you go when nowhere feels like home?"-FBMF

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the explication, and, now, reading the poem again, I find the line makes perfect sense.  That reminds me of some of the poems of my favorite 20th century poet, Wallace Stevens:  some of his line do not make sense on a first reading, which is not the poet's fault, but the reasers.  Then, on a second read, or third, or so on, the line falls into place, like the keystone settling into an arch, with the mason's mark visible to those who knw how to look for it.  


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