Our Beginning


Our Beginning


Blossomed rapt from heart - whispered softly sweet,

words to never stray - given kisses' seal

Upon moist smiles - vowed, have and to hold,

in lasting embrace - Heaven so real


Lined aisle's décor -  floral bouquets,

sun lighted windows - drapes of golden lace

Standing, hand in hand - spirits betrothed,

all shades of love - ever blessed with grace


Beneath raised veil -  my sheerest dream,

horizon at dawn - night's moon in the sky

Eyes for you alone - a viewed caress,

beauty's face defined - with wings you'd fly


Sitting on a cloud - ferried alongside,

in surrounding mists - together we climb

Ascending thoughts - our future portrayed,

a cherished journey - till the end of time


Following the stars - chasing bright shimmers,

guidance through darkness - finds no regret

Forever begins - moments to fulfill,

lasting memories - and none to forget


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of silly words.

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

stunning as always.  the last

stunning as always.  the last stanza is particularly beautiful.

cevance's picture

Thank you, Jessi.

Thank you, Jessi.

bishu's picture

A handful of beautiful words Mr Vance

Much liked (Y) Congratulations on your 100th milestone on PP



cevance's picture

Thank you, Bishu. I could

Thank you, Bishu. I could probably post a thousand, but I'm pretty sure the world can live without them... Smile

allets's picture

Delicate As Lace

Carefully tatted, patiently woven into patterns that equal emotional interface with the reader's heart. I feel marinated - Lady A



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Thank you for all the kind

Thank you for all the kind words you send my way.


Please forgive me for not replying sooner. I didn't receive a notification that you had commented on this piece.