A look


A look

Cast in a spell summoned by wanton eyes,

erupts the longing without words being said


Evoked passion awaits a teasing touch,

from enamored look temptations are fed


Unspoken whisper beckons with call,

enchantment's invite to waiting arms


 The answer is caress in prompt's silence,  

as embrace heeds allure of hypnotic charms


From captive gaze all yearning revealed,

bewitching mystique enfolding moment’s air


Surrendering to kisses inside the spun veil,

consuming rapture becomes its heir


Together dwells our hearts and mind,

from inner depths the joining voices preside


Without an utter in the quieted stead,

loving glance leases the fervor inside


 © C.E.Vance

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Peek a boo :-D

Peek a boo Laughing Undoubtedly this theme occupies  is a major portion of poetry... Wanton love for the distant attraction. Some like it hot.. Some like it cold.. Some like it in the pot... nine days old LaughingLaughing



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Thank you kind sir.

Thank you kind sir.