Rises a Dream


A tranquil touch from moonlight's allure,

prompts night's whisper to slumber's embrace

Visions beneath the soft golden blush -

depicting a wondrous time and place


World with horizons that never end,

their beginning is where fortune lies

With outstretched hands capturing the stars,

every wink is witnessed by your eyes


Gleaming facets to always endure -

journeys beyond  the cover of night

Toss away whimsy's fanciful jewels,

ones that truly sparkle - hold them tight


Ascend to farthest reaches of skies,

waken your dreams with every dawn's  rise


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another thought and nothing more.

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joshie's picture

wow, nice poem

wow, nice poem

cevance's picture

Thank you ever so much,

Thank you ever so much, Joshie. You're very kind.

bishu's picture

Tranquility redefined with the Vancey paint & rhymes

Tranquility redefined with the Vancey paint & rhymes.What really pleases me my friend is that you take great pains to pen a post before pasting it on this website. This is what makes your posts special my Dear friend Mr Vance.Fans like feel lke Oliver Twist "Please Sir, I want some more" Sometimes I think of following your trait but as you know time is running out for me since there may be no tomorrow.My next generation will take care of editing etc.




cevance's picture

Thank you kindly, Bishu.

Thank you kindly, Bishu. You're always way too complimentary, however I truly do appreciate your words.


In perspective, I just try to write things slightly different than other people.