Someone There


A shard of hope - to ease burden's trial,

softly come words spoken from caring heart

Assuring voice calming the urge of doubts,

reaching destined dreams from new journey's start


Solace is offered in an outstretched hand,

a gentle touch to help guide you along

Placing to way misfortunes that bind,

earnest in effort, making the weary strong


An angelic soul accustomed without wings,

sent from Heaven, though never taking flight

A shining presence, born dust from earth,

wholly adorned in glow of  halo's light


Forward your eyes, looking past tears inside,

a time to reflect - and challenges to unfold

Fulfill lost moments scattered in the past,

shadowed turmoil - the forgotten untold


Delivered by whispers upon a prayer,

someone to hold you with love to spare

Arrives a stranger bringing a lasting smile,

a new found friend willing to be there



© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm totally disappointed with this tripe. However, as intended when I first started writing this unpleasant bit of nothingness, it's still dedicated to those willing to help someone in need. At least my heart is with them.

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