Morning so bright,
beneath it was born a shining light
Playtime came,
ring around the roses in a game

Silken hair,
shimmered in sun and danced on air

Laughter’s treat,
the sound of joy always so sweet

Lost in pretend,
time for ventures with an unseen friend

Moments beheld,
life’s whimsy and magic never quelled

Arising moon,
the end of day coming too soon

Body grew frail,
heart full of life began to fail

Hands in prayer,
off to sleep with loving care

Succumbed to shades,
mother’s whispers slowly fade

Ends the gray,
past the clouds and far away

Voices in song,
a choir of angels carry you along

Passing into dreams  

is all the  journey seems

Forever a smile,
graced by Heaven all the while


Shining eyes,
through mist of tears, last goodbyes

Remember this child,

a beautiful innocence so mild


© C.E.Vance








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something I pieced together. It's not my preferred style---but it'll do.

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Nicely Styled M'Thinks C. E. V,

Nice to stretch out sylistically, & this one suceeds in wrapping its motion around my poetic sensitivities. First breath to last breath, an exquisite time frame - Just Bein' Stella



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In rememberance of my first

In rememberance of my first girlfriend. She was my world at the time, but life was cruel and took her away from me. We were both 5 years old when she passed away. However, she'll always reside in my heart.  The years continue passing by and I still 'Remember'.