Tears for Thought

Shallow voices reign in daunting still,
moments tethered to will’s silent ponder
Unseeing eyes cast in a fixated stare,
images lost to mind’s faraway wander

Within a siege of merging reflections,
sights lay weeping inside a thought
Held tears replenished for loss retrieved,
reminisce of failure for love once sought

Summoned to fate came parting’s sorrow,
disclosed by taint from a nightly chill
Denied caress wallowed in bitter languish,
longing for a touch no phantoms fulfill

Belonged shades to ebon engulfed the days;
spawn of darkest pitch consumed each night
Whelmed despair bid farewell to slumber;
obscurity screamed in the deafening quiet

Vowed commitments strewn in heap and mass,
all their care entrusted to your heart
Forsaken promises formed a forlorn sigh,
saddened memories instilled from the start

Shared moments in thought spoken to another,
silence presented the lies you tried to hide
My love to you was given till ever after;
through the years I still find you by my side

Urgings in while call with their whispers;
voices reign in triumph over conscious will
Void to the eyes even though they are seen,
images stir with the call of daunting still

© C.E. Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a perspective.

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