Blue Moonlight

so dark the moon doesnt show

walk through the darkness hungry and freezing cold

try to take your mind off of it but the cold winds continue to blow

you push against the elements to reach your goal

that twinkling light of success getting farther away

that feeling of accomplishment but devoured by the darkness of nowadays

feelings of determination wither slowly

leaving the harsh taste of defeat and the want to give up hope

look out for assistance or atleast encouragement but nope

the familiar feelings of being all alone greet you coldly

and finally with your goal outta sight

and you feel the need to collapse

the night is filled with unimaginable fright

you look and see that you never noticed that little ray of blue moonlight

your dreams are no longer impossible

just a little farther than you thought they were

the cold just seems like a gentle breeze

not even enough to make you sneeze

so you get up and take your stride

and let the blue moonlight be your guide

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Blue Moonlight

Just a slither of hope is all a human needs, give a human an inch and a human will conquer the universe - it's a human thing. Best write yet to me. ~A~





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true that. we ooze

true that. we ooze determination. really? thanks. Imma write more like this then