Blue Sky

So i made the same mistake again

sometimes a dude doesnt think with his brain

i trusted her cuz she was different and that was my feeling

yeah but she was indifferent to my feelings

i thought we were in it together
but my heart was what she was trying to dismember
well good job, congrats and well done
i loved you did everything for you
you were my golden sun
now once again i loved and lost
fought for what was on my heart
and now my heart is torn
thank you for all the pain youve put me thru
no honestly thank you
im better because of it 
and besides no matter how red my eyes are today
tommorrow the sky will still be blue
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Hopeful Endings

If you learn something from a love gone wrong, then tomorrow will be better assuredly "I lloved you"  is a typo m'thinks. together/dismember - great rhymes ~A~





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lol. yeah thanks,didnt even

lol. yeah thanks,didnt even notice the typos. Didnt have anything to write about so i decided to try bout this that happened a while ago. :)