Confessions of a drunken douchebag part 3


I'm the stereotypical douchebag

I live for breaking hearts and leavings girls with bags under their eyes

I see it as a sport and I'm the best. I adore the chase and make multiple tries

I relish in the sucess after I prey on their little insecurities,doubt and fears

I see it as a token of accomplishment wheni hear about their tears  

I find it funny when they spew obscure profanities

Now that I look back at it. I think I may have lost my humanity

Thinking I could only hurt them  and they couldn't touch me

I was way too arrogant to realize there was something couldn't see

My little sister who I cherish with all my heart got played

Her tears that day and the next and the next are memories that with me have forever stayed .

When I saw her and how she felt rejected

Deep in my wretched soul I felt dejected

I didn't hunt the guy down for a number of reasons 

Anger, remorse, fear and guilt that it was me I would find.

I had committed a form of treason 

I had been so blind  

Now I sit here telling you my story

But the ending didn't favor me

How can I ever love knowing all the heartbreaks for which I should be


How can I ever love with these nightmares of the girls I've shamed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 3 outta 4. I'm kinda sleepy and I rushed this so it might not be as good as the others

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They Are Okay

Truth told, the lesson yr lil sister taught U is a lesson for many who live and do not feel the hurt they do. We have grown into a world of uncaring and mean spirited strangers - Still, I look for joy and love and peace and enthusiasm wherever I go, whoever I'm with :D ~Star~




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hopefully the lesson sticks.

hopefully the lesson sticks. people are often self serving and uncaring but i choose to believe that they're still enough caring ones around to make a difference