Confessions of a drunken douchebag part 1

Well i met this fine ass girl

nice body and a face that could freeze hell

didnt waste no time in my introduction

spun lies and tall tales and hoped she was real bad at deduction

couple weeks later she was my girl

was still cheating on her was the truth i couldnt tell

was never around and she was getting suspicious

oh lord this life was delicious

well one day i got a lil sloppy

was at the bar when i saw this chick with a real nice body

but i geuss i had a few

cuz next thing i told her my room had a nice view

woke up and i was a immediately inspective

cuz i found out i didnt wear a contraceptive

Next month sent me a text that she was pregnant

my girl saw the text and i tried to act repentant

needles to say i lost both of them eventually

lost the girl with whom i wanted to start a family

whenever i look at the mirror im filled with nothing but detest

funny enough i wasnt the father said the doctor after the paternity test


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st of 4 in my douchebag series

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oh there is such beauty yet

oh there is such beauty yet pain in karma


not a fan of the style, loved the story told here,  and the way you discribed the girl, face that could freeze hell, it was so inside the style I would exoect from a guy who plays games with girls and cheats etc, I liked how you pulled that off


Much Love


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thanks :) . try looking at my

thanks :) . try looking at my others you may like them