Time wont let us go

Im fairly certain I'm not not going crazy

and i know my brain isnt that lazy

but this feeling of reoccurence

it might be deja vu

but i choose to live in defiance

i choose to belive in things bigger than me or you

what if it isnt deja vu


what if time wont let me go

we are all designed for a greater purpose by God

every decision can be simplified to yes or no

sometimes when we choose yes we see the effects of choosing no all around us

every decision has already been made in the past

we in a roundabout bus

but still we struggle

we try to make new paths

thats why we are awesome

is life really yes or no?

Will time ever let us go



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Time Won't Let us go.



Those feeling of deja vu are annoying, just trying to pin them down, like chaseing a half forgotton dream.

Your poem sums this up well. I like your poem and it's rhyming.




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lol . yeah ive been getting a

lol . yeah ive been getting a lot of them recently and it made me think so i wrote this. thanks. check out my others im sure youll like em