Truth about life

Lets count how many skeletons you have in your closet

How many things you've done that you'd like to forget

Those people you've hurt

and treated like dirt

I've got regrets

You do too

But did you care about whose heart you tried to dissect

That nerd you bullied straight for 6 years

you think if you ever need his help he'll waste his time to hear

Call it what you want justice,revenge,karma

Isnt it eaiser to be normal than try to be popular by causing so much drama

They say that life isnt white or black but different shades of grey

but what shade are you higher in the white or black

so when the plainest girl n your class hits u accidentally help her up and ask are u okay

or dont

its just my advise

but if karma is real

who'd you think would end up with the raw end of the deal

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True True. This is a great

True True. This is a great poem. I really loved it. 

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thanks. check out my others

thanks. check out my others too

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liked this a lot, makes you

liked this a lot, makes you think

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tell em!

tell em!

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Help For The Hurter

I was pondering that notion today - if someone who had done me harm was needing my help would I give it - if I could save their life - yes, it it was to make them look good, probably not. Life is like that! ~~A~~