Distance disparaging
miles between our feet and frustration within our hearts
to her, the absence of his arms is harrowing
for him, the pleasure of her hand in mine is a memory fleeting
Daily lives equate to hectic lives. Bed times to tumultuous lies
Hours spent on conversations in lieu of actual emphatic interactions
They all utterly fail in comparisons
We both fall this path in strides
You struggle to confide and my pain I poorly struggle to hide
Our love a million-acre maze. Just one small room lost in a myriad
Distance the minotaur that I can't overcome
I'm not Theuses as I lack the courage and bravery
You shine brighter than Ariadne through your wit and beauty
Sadly this isn;t a love story but a Greek tragedy.
Someone must bear the loss. This story must be compelling
I shall take the minotaur's horn
A spear in my side as our love becomes strained and forlorn
This is my Greek tragedy where I play Theseus without the courage
I portray Hercules with the might of Olympus lost on me
As the lion of Nemea stalks me
I am prepared to lose as I realize my Achilles heel was being unprepared as I fell head over heels
As I look to the future, I aim to be like Odysseus and use intelligence and wit to overcome dread tidings
Or maybe channel Orpheus in an attempt to resurrect what is dead?
Nevertheless. This is my tragedy
Now go
The heroine of another story
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote a better version of this originally.much pithier and heart string tuggier??? (I'm a university student folks) but then I very smartly installed updates and restarted my computer. Genius!!!

So the moral of the story folks is nothing. Absolutely nothing

Have an amazing week yall.

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I love the absolutely nothing moral of your story. Pretty good writing (for a student)  ~Lady A ~   :D