I struggle for the perfection as dictated to me


my eyes forced to comprehend what i may never see


the structure of a confusing world fabricated by the fearful and monotonous


we follow in their mandated footsteps never wondering what ever happened to us


decades slip by as quickly as the morning dew


yet we never question this forced point of view


as we wake up each morning to accomplish tasks set in stone


i wonder what kind of actions will occur and it's corresponding tone


we can decide to be strange


the news of our exploits reach a new age


we can explore


as with each new discovery, our collective understanding soars


we can persist and resist the monotony


the difference between us binds us and makes us kin


or we can continue down this path of forced normality


and observe who cracks first. You or me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

done with finals.. for now 

criticism is welcome as always:)

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A Call For Peace


fabulous ending.