Lost Ones

No idea how i wound up here

I pick a stick and venture out in this wilderness

No memories of times past and no hope for times coming

The nights are unbearably cold and during the day i could swear the sun is taunting me

The hills are massive and daunting

And these ghosts of past failures never cease haunting

The transverse is narrow

No visible signs of life are present, no crows no vultures or even a sparrow

I trek on, hoping to find something, someone or some sign of life

The path appears to go on endlessly and i grow weary of this endless strife

I'm close to giving up on this journey

The i see it , an oasis beautiful and i race there with joyful want and happiness unbound

But as i reach my paradise i stop and realize that it's just a mirage

My heart is forced back down and in the heat of moment i laugh

I laugh harder than i ever have before 

After all this, i still have more journeys to embark on?

And as I laugh and force myself to be positive and look to the sky

I see the sun, taunting me again and I can't help it.... I cry

I cry just as hard as i laughed... but eventually i stop that

After I bared my soul out and sowed my salt water into the earth

I stand up, pack up and venture once more into the desert

I may be bent, maybe broken but not shattered completely

I can still pick myself up and this daunting and overbearing journey?

I will beat it. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm free for the next three weeks so i have time to really try other styles and approaches. As usual feedback is greatly appreciated

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After years of reading and sculpting words, you are going to be an awesome artist! Publish. You must! - allets