Be like a River

Life is a interwining sea of multiple descions 

they splinter off even more to consequences and repercussions

Imagine a meandering river with its many tributaries that seem to go on and on

Eventually all tributaries lead into an ocean

All of their little streams and independent paths

They have a definite start

But eventually they coalesce into a coherent mass

so too with our many individual goals and aspirations

we all contribute to the legacy of humanity with our machinations


when haunted by self doubts, indescion and lamentations 

think about the river flows on and finds the path of least resistance 

so life goes on

and you find the path of least resistance with some assistance

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saiom's picture


a beautiful and inspiring metaphor



Ceeclod's picture

Thank you :D

Thank you :D

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Good job

I enjoy this poem, it feels convincing.



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Thank You

Thank you. That's what i was going for

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That's What Rocks!

Using all your vocabulary makes the writing clearer - enjoyed: reminded of Wintersong: I wish I had a river I could skate away on. Magical write ~Lady A~