I grew up privileged and pampered, without a care in the world

I was waited on and for me people tirelessly toiled

I pretend to know of things i have seen

I pretend to know of other's troubles though their situations i have never been in

To expand and build more is my top priority

I'm Indolent but I make more inebriated than you do with upmost sobriety

But i've been forced to carry on someone else's dream 

and have been force fed the lies of someone else's scheme 

My life has been guarded and perfection and lies have been taught to me to the letter

And yet you expect me to know better?



I grew up on a war zone filled with death and dread

Education and Food are things for the more privileged

My people suffer and my kind is looked down upon

We are killed for what a few have done

When i look down all i see is red because of the blood of the ground

when i look up the sky is grey 

and when i listen for words of hope i discover that there is no sound

As it rains i beg for tears to fall from my eye

But i cant cry because i know that when the rich wage war it's the poor who die



I live for others

I take people others hold dear

I work as a paid killer. I am a soldier

I'm more of an emissary of death than Thanatos

I've been stripped of my morality

At least that's what i tell myself

In reality as i lay my head to sleep I face a duality

I see myself as a hero of war doing my nation proud

and i see myself as the man with more blood on my hands than i should be proud of

In order to maintain my sanity i ask myself what do i feel as i take another mans life

To my horror all I feel as I take the shot and steal a soul is Recoil.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been awhile and I'm sorry about that. I want to say it's because of exams but it's more of my Indolency. Anyways once again trying something different and feedback is appreciated

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Warrior Thinking Here

To become insensitive to killing is what war does to the human psychology. Getting back, if at all, to being civilized following so much experience on the killing field, is difficult. A unique perspective from hell ~allets~