My Fault

You were always too good for me.

You brightened my days in ways i couldn't see

i was so narrow minded, so focused on achieving a singular goal

so absurdly determined that i forgot you were the reason i was whole

Now you've finally  wised up and left me and just like me thats i finally realized that you were my soul

I realize how large and empty it is here without you

I try to get you back but you've had enough and it's true

You should move on

No matter how much i hurt, I'll always want your happiness

That will be my singular comforting thought when you're gone

I'll try to change and i dont expect you to wait for me

but after I've achieved my dreams aspirations and goals?

How can i rejoice without my soul

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young with alot to say 

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Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!