As I lay in bed, I cant help but think that the values and morals and my outlook on life that I had as a kid have definitely changed.

is it the the fact that I grew up and became mature or is it that I've grown accustomed to the "neccesities" of the privileged. 

The waste that could feed a nation but I'm more concerned on what I'm going to do on saturday 

upbringing and life experiences build character but hardworking builds good character. 

Is there a time when the hardworking ends? And if there is do our characters and morals start to detitroiate. 

Someone told me that children who grow up in war zones develop a different view in life than children who grew up in the lap of luxury.   

Even though we are all human beings that's essentially where our similarities start and end. We have different goals, motivations and aspirations. 

Some suffer to obtain what we discard without a care in the world. 

Even though we are separated in distances that cannot be mentally noted I beg and implore you to try and see thought the looking glass and imagine how

,what and why your fellow man holds dear.

We are all writing our own little story for our future families.

I propose we make our stories intertwine and create a masterpiece for the ages 

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Thoughtful Write

Maturity is its own reward against early death or ending in poverty. Retired, I considered usefulness for a while, then accepted that I had paid the proverbial dues and had earned my rest from actual contributions in person. I'm tired and no, the wisdom gained is for sharing - so I write the autobiography (someone somewhere will get something from it sometime). it is to be hoped - Lady A



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All we can do hope. I'm still

All we can do hope. I'm still too young to say that I've done enough so i'll just have to find another way