She was Intelligent,poised and determined

beneath those eyes lied a psychopathic sense of morality

she was only intrested in serving herself, absolutely no sense of duality

she was like a black hole. everyone got sucked in by her enchanting charisma

a smile alone was all she needed to get you beneath her

She started off slowly climbing her way to top

she had no time to rest and definitely no time to stop

it was magnificent

she won by taking it all behind the scenes and in plain sight all at the same time

whenever she smiled your subconcious sent you a single sign 

like instinct it was a shiver to your spine

In no time at all she had taken over everything and everyone

They were all puppets and she would make them sing and dance for her amusement

All hope was lost before we even knew we needed to fear her

and justjust when she aimed the final dart

she woke up with a start

it was just a dream

but she couldnt help but smile

She'd remembered everything it wasnt a time for relief

we were all safe but only for a while


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Cool Kinda Eerie Write

See u around the site. Surprise ending ~ alleys~