I Will No Longer Let the Blind Lead Me


You drug me along here

Made me meaningless

And incomplete

Haunted by shadows of my past

Filled with shame and reject

My heart cast down again

My life made meaningless

Gave too much to you

You can’t see me through

I have to cut you loose

So I can walk again

So I can breathe again

I have to let it go

You ll never know

The pain you ve caused me

Because you saw nothing in me

You were to be my mirror

Telling me of my worth

But instead you treated me like dirt

Pearls before the swine again

I have to put this to an end

Remove your swine’s view

So I can see past you

See that I am not what you see

To see there is more in me

And now to bring your halo down

Remove the anchor that’s brought me down

I am not what you see

I am not attached to your strings

I am a radiant beauty

That you fail to see

Because you are blind to these things

I will no longer let the blind lead me



Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my best attempt but still meaningful...feedback is much appreciated 

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    Sorrowfull piece this



Sorrowfull piece this poem a good read and well written. Your determination not to be undermined by your parnter is said quite poeticaly here.




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Sorrow and pain is what gives

Sorrow and pain is what gives rise to most of my poetry. It's my soul's way of bleeding. I am glad you enjoyed the art that stems from pain. The determintaion illustrated in the poem has carried me through and has brought me to a better place.Thank you very much for your feedback. It means a lot to me.