I am The Devil’s Own

I am the devil’s own

Rejected and jaded

Nothing but emptiness awaits me

The horrible thing that has plagued me

I should be used to it by now

But it still doesn’t seem right

I don’t know why or how

I just know that the pain

It always returns

Seems I ll never learn

My home is in the dark

So why do my eyes yearn for light

I ve always been a caged bird

So why do I yearn for flight?

My heart slumbers and sleeps

And awakens suddenly                

To torment me

Love is not for me

Happiness is not mine

Can’t reach the top

So why do I want to climb

Its hell simple and plain

Stuck in a desert

Begging for rain

I am the devil’s own

Jaded angel made devil

Still tormented by hellfire

 It’s the pain of love’s desire

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hell: seperated from love but desiring it still...comments are greatly appreciated

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    In your poem you set high



In your poem you set high goals for yourself; and always being disappointed at not attaining those goals, I think many of us know this feeling. Maybe the answer is to set lesser goals that can add up to a successful life instead. And a sense of achievment to stay with a person so lessening the dessert effect. The poem is a good read and well written.      




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I will give your words

I will give your words consideration. Though it is built in us to aspire to high goals baecause we think of them as the goals that are worth living for. They are often idealistic and lend toward disappointment upon failure. The goal refrenced to in this poem is to achieve true love. Something that has escaped me. It is not a realistic goal and I ve even considered it to be a foolish one. However that fact does not stop the heart's desire for it. This dissonance creates the hell described in the poem. I have established my own realisitc goals but I can do nothing to change the foolish goals of my heart. I can only hope to ignore them in lieu of that which is more realistic. Thank you fot sharing your thoughts on my poem 'The Devil's Own'.